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    At Oliver Wight, our core principles are centered around the importance of people, not just processes and tools. We call our approach to change management 'The Proven Path', which speaks for itself. Working with us means you have the fort of knowing that hundreds of panies have successfully gone before you to achieve incredible results that have been sustained and augmented over many years.

    Our role is to inspire, educate, facilitate, and mentor, providing insights and recognition for your achievements along the way. We'll give you honest feedback, encouragement, and remendations to make sure you keep on track to reach your goals.

    If you have the ambition, it is possible to make improvements that truly transform the performance of your organization and create more fulfilling roles for the people within it. We believe this can only be delivered by your own people.

    Unlike other consulting firms, we believe that change isn't something we do to your organization, or for your organization. Instead, we transfer our knowledge to your own people through coaching, mentoring, and education workshops so you can learn how to continue to make improvements long after we have gone. We are proud to be recognized as a leading management consultancy (Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants Special Report for 2022).

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    A Reputation for Innovation

    Oliver Wight has a long-standing reputation for innovation and we continually challenge the industry status quo, so you always get the latest in new thinking. Your Oliver Wight Partners use their real-world experience to ensure your people, business processes, and technology are fully aligned and integrated right across your organization. They will coach, guide, and inspire your people to drive change throughout your organization, allowing you to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that simply bees for you ‘the way we do things around here’. It’s a proven, sustainable approach that will deliver results straight to the bottom line.

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    We support and work across the whole of Europe, Africa and Middle East as well as offer a seamless experience with our other regions - Asia Pacific and Americas.

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    Highlights from our unique workshop focusing on the future of Integrated Business Planning, known as Enterprise Business Planning.

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    Uping events & webinars

    05 - 07
    Apr 2022 Event

    Logipharma 2022

    At LogiPharma you can learn from, network and collaborate with Europe’s leading Global Heads and VPs of supply chain, operations, logistics, distribution and digital transformation, as they share practical insights on:
    - Implementing new supply chain strategies to achieve operational agility and resilience post pandemic
    - Navigating the latest challenges and opportunities facing your supply chain as a result of more plex product demands, market conditions and new regulations
    - Leveraging the latest digital tools to drive efficiency whilst bringing you ever closer to the patient

    Oliver Wight partner Gary Connors will also be hosting a Master Class and a case study presentation around Unlocking Your End-To-End Potential with IBP. Join us at the event to learn more insights about how IBP could help your organization in this uncertain world.

    News & Insights

    08 Mar 2022

    Breaking biases takes time – leaders must invest in talent today to improve tomorrow

    International Women’s Day will spur decision-makers to speed up their diversity and inclusion programs, but in certain industries the benefits might not be realized for years – if not decades – to e.

    07 Mar 2022

    Hybrid consultation is a win-win – but only if you follow these rules

    As the business world embraces hybrid working there are many benefits, and knowing when and how to engage virtually or in-person with experts will be critical.

    In the press
    02 Mar 2022

    Why End-to-End Integration May Save Your Supply Chain


    Too many organizations are focusing on the short-term when it es to their supply chain. But those who don’t look to end-to-end integration may be dealing with issues for months to e.

    In the press
    01 Mar 2022

    Skill shortages and the future business challenges we must not ignore

    Biz Dispatch

    We are seeing many of the challenges that faced businesses in 2021 continuing into 2022, including existing supply chain issues that persist and could get worse.

    In the press
    28 Feb 2022

    Businesses Will Sink If CEOs With Short-Term Mindsets Are At The Helm


    Events of the last two years forced leaders into uncharted waters, but now they must embrace integrated business planning to improve agility and visibility to better navigate future challenges.

    In the press
    21 Feb 2022

    A Brave New World

    internal auditor

    With many offices beginning to reopen, organizations and internal auditors are returning to a very different business environment marked by new operational, workplace, technology, and social risk.

    In the press
    16 Feb 2022

    How procurement can beat mass burnout

    Supply Management

    A prolonged period of crisis response has left many procurement professionals at breaking point. Employers can help by leading the way to a more balanced working environment.

    28 Jan 2022

    Oliver Wight EAME listed as leading management consultants for 2022

    Oliver Wight EAME has been recognized for a second consecutive year as one of the UK’s Leading Management Consultants according to Financial Times.

    In the press
    26 Jan 2022

    Trends for 2022

    Economy Standard

    Whilst certain challenges such as the pandemic, supply chain issues, and Brexit have consumed business leaders’ energies for many months now, it is time for executives to empower their teams to take over the execution of the mitigation plans.

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